Frank Sottile
Letters of Recommendation

    Writing letters of recommendation is one of the most important things that I do. I take this task seriously; people's livelihoods as well as the functioning of our profession rests upon thoughtful, well-written letters. I also do this a fair amount, writing about 40 letters every year for a variety of reasons, from tenure and promotion to job applications to fellowships to graduate school applications to funding for travel, and for many other reasons.

    I am very willing to write a letter for a deserving candidate (which you presumably are). However, I need your help for this process to work. Please try to keep the following in mind:

Lastly, I can write a letter extremely quickly in an emergency (and do so more often than I would like to admit), but please do not count on this. It is extremely difficult to drop everything and write a good letter, but not completely impossible.
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