AMS Special Session on

Applicable and Computational Algebraic Geometry
Fall Central Section Meeting
University of North Texas, Denton TX
9–10 September 2017.

All talks in Room 5, Business Leadership Building
Saturday, 9 September, Morning Session, 8:30–10:50, Room 5, BLB
  8:30–8:50 Anne Shiu, Texas A&M University Identifiability of linear compartment models: the singular locus
  9:00–9:20 Emanuele Ventura, Texas A&M University Phylogenetic complexity of group-based models
  9:30–9:50 David Kahle, Baylor. m2r: Macaulay 2 in R
  10:00–10:20 Jose Israel Rodriguez, The University of Chicago Subvarieties of the likelihood correspondence
  10:30–10:50  Anthony Harrison, Kent State University Computing the lattice size of a lattice polygon
  11:00–11:50 Invited address by Mirela Çiperiani, University of Texas at Austin
  13:30–14:20 Invited address by Kevin M. Pilgrim, Indiana University, Bloomington
Saturday, 9 September, Afternoon Session, 14:30–16:50, Room 5, BLB
  14:30–14:50 Luis García-Puente, Sam Houston State University   Gröbner Bases of Neural Ideals
  15:00–5:20 Kaitlyn Phillipson, St. Edward's University Structure of the Neural Ideal for Convex and Non-convex Codes
  15:30–15:50 Nida Obatake, Texas A&M University Place field diagrams of convex neural codes
  16:00–16:20 Xiaoxian Tang, Texas A&M University Investigating multistationarity in structured reaction networks
  16:30–16:50 Brandilyn Stigler, Southern Methodist University Model Selection via Groebner Bases
  17:05–17:55 Invited address by Adrianna Gillman, Rice University
Sunday, 10 September, Morning Session, 9:00–11:20, Room 5, BLB
  9:00–9:20 Lourdes Juan, Texas Tech. Applications of Algebraic Geometry to Symbolic Integration
  9:30–9:50 Yuyu Zhu, Texas A&M University PSD and SOS Cones for Ternary Sextics
  10:00–10:20 Dan Bates, Colorado State University Numerical algebraic geometry for geolocation
  10:30–10:50 Taylor Brysiewicz, Texas A&M University Computing Newton Polytopes via Witness Sets
  11:00–11:20 Jonathan Hauenstein, University of Notre Dame. Polynomials and the exponent of matrix multiplication
Sunday, 10 September, Afternoon Session, 13:00–15:20, Room 5, BLB
  13:00–13:20 Chris Francisco, Oklahoma State University Borel ideals and their surprising appearance in discrete geometry
  13:30–13:50 Michael DiPasquale, Oklahoma State University Splines on semi-algebraic cells
  14:00–14:20 Carlos Arreche, University of Texas at Dallas. Differential Galois theory for difference equations and hypertranscendence
  14:30–14:50 Jeff Mermin, Oklahoma State University Free multiplicities on the A3 braid arrangment
  15:00–15:20 Maurice Rojas, Texas A&M University Sharper Topological Bounds for Near-Circuit Exponential Sums

Eric Hanson, Texas Christian University
Frank Sottile, Texas A&M University